It’s raining. If there’s not much to do in Vatasha on a beautiful day, there’s NOTHING to do when it’s raining. I was pretty ready for a lazy day anyway, but I also wanted to go to the fair/bazaar in Kavadartsi this weekend, and if it doesn’t stop raining no one will take us. Because we are still on village lockdown for another week, and can’t just walk 20 minutes up the road on our own. (To be fair, I’m kind of really liking being stuck in our village, but sometimes all I want to do is yell I’M AN ADULT AND I’LL GO WHERE I WANT! especially since unlike the other PST sites, Vatasha has nothing to do and nowhere to go and one kafana, which as an unspoken rule women don’t go to and I’ve only visited in groups. One more week.)

Speaking of the Kafana, we went out last night to celebrate a birthday and drank and ate and played music and it was really fun. If I’m going to be stuck in a tiny village, at least I’m stuck in a tiny village with awesome people.


My Macedonian is really coming along, which is cool. A couple of nights ago we went to visit Vesna’s family and managed to hold a relatively decent conversation, which is pretty awesome considering we’ve only been here for THREE WEEKS.

The pomegranates are starting to ripen! Had our first one with lunch today, and it was delicious. Winter fruits!

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