Се Шетаме

As our days have gotten longer and warmer, we’ve been trying to get out of the house more and take longer walks. Our goal this month is to go for a walk every night after dinner, and we even bought a collar and leash for Gina so we can take her with us sometimes (she follows us whether we want her to or not, so at least now we can keep her from running into the street. I don’t think I can watch her get hit by a car twice.)

One day the weather was so nice that instead of going on a hike, we set up our hammocks in the yard and spent the afternoon reading in the breeze. Gina is a big fan of her humans spending more time in the yard, and alternated between snoozing in the sun and napping in the shade under my hammock.

We usually save our big walks for the weekends, and today we went on a twelve mile journey up a mountain to a village where people go to picnic in the spring and summer, particularly for Macedonian Labor Day on May 1st. Unfortunately it was really hazy today so the views weren’t as good as they could have been, but the weather was nice and we enjoyed the trip (at least until the last few miles when we were pretty sure our feet were going to fall off, walking on pavement is the worst!) I’ve also decided my new photography specialties will be bugs in the road and goat portraiture.

On Saturday I had my first staff training for Camp GLOW, which I helped plan and run. It went really well, and I can’t wait to get to work alongside these amazing women this summer!


Being at GLOW training meant I missed April 1st in our town. Instead of pranks, April 1st is a day for kids to get all dressed up in costumes. I saw a lot of Spidermans and princesses in Skopje, but Kyle got a picture of what is definitely the best costume in Macedonia while he was having coffee in Sveti Nikole:


In the realm of personal accomplishments, I finished Photography 101! It’s an online class/challenge run through WordPress where you take a photo a day on different themes, and it focuses on both building your photography skills as well as just getting you to simply take more photos. You can visit my completed gallery here!

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