Yesterday, our little family gained a new fuzzy, perfect, adorable pack member. Kyle and I have talked about getting a dog for almost five years now, but it never seemed like the timing was right. We moved too often, or were too broke to afford to keep a pet responsibly. But since we have been back in DC, our excuses have dwindled. We have the space and money and time for a dog, and were ready for the added responsibility of a new family member. So we started the hunt for a dog that would be the right fit.


I’m fairly certain now that adopting a dog in DC is nearly as hard as adopting a child. I found Abigail on a rescue shelter’s website, and Kyle submitted an application the same day. We then had a phone interview and a home visit before we were even allowed to meet her. Then we had to be approved by the rescue’s board; she had a lot of applications, and the rescue picks the home that they think is best suited for each animal. We were lucky enough to be chosen, and picked up Abigail on Saturday afternoon from her foster family.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a creature as much as I am in love with Abigail. She is absolutely perfect. I’ve never met a dog who was as mellow and sweet as she is. She loves to cuddle, but also likes her space. Today, her favorite spot to lay was on the floor right by the door, where she could see the whole apartment and both me and Kyle at the same time. She learned to sit from her foster mom, and picked up on “lay down” after only few times trying it out. She is SO SMART. She loves meeting new people and other dogs, and really enjoys her walks outside. She’ll do just about anything for a treat (especially if it’s duck flavored) or a spoonful of pumpkin. She is currently being treated for heart worm and is basically on house arrest since she can’t get her heart working too hard while she heals, but I can tell when we take her out that she is going to absolutely love going to the dog park and for hikes. She is a complete ray of sunshine and doesn’t have a mean or anxious bone in her whole body.

I can’t wait to see how Abigail blossoms once she fully settles in to her new life. We’ll never really know what her first three years were like (the rescue said she was neglected, but we don’t know the circumstances of how she ended up in the shelter), but I can’t wait to shower her with love.

Also, I’ve been 30 for a whole month now! Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to.

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