Field Trip!

Teacher vacation to the houseboats (really, more like floating bungalows, but whatever)!  Last weekend we went on an hour and a half long scooter trek to Mae Ngat Dam for swimming, lazing about, eating fried rice, and not doing anything productive whatsoever.

Saturday at the lake was fun, but was unfortunately followed by, hands down, the worst night’s sleep (or not sleep) I’ve ever had.  The bed was like a rock, our houseboat neighbors were loud and drunk until 3 am, then it was freezing cold, and we gave up trying to sleep around 6 am.  I was pretty cranky come Sunday.  And the environmental degradation the house boats are causing (dumping trash, deforesting, etc.) is pretty horrendous.  So I’ll file it under been there, done that, and keep going to huay tung tao instead.

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