This weekend, we went on our first PCV на гости to штип (Shteep)! It wasn’t a sightseeing trip as much as it was a chance to visit friends and just relax. Adding in that this weekend was BRUTALLY COLD (we didn’t have hot water when we got back to our house in Sveti because the pipes had frozen), we basically spent the weekend moving from coffee shop to restaurant to bar, ending the night at the Irish pub listening to a pretty great cover band and singing loudly. It’s only a half hour away by bus, and now that we’ve got the schedule figured out, we’ll be in штип a lot.

The city looks deceptively flat here, but Shtip is actually almost entirely made up of steep hills and curvy streets.
Lots of houses in Shtip are cobbled together around older structures, taking advantage of stone walls as part of the new building.
The old fortress walls and cross on top of the hill in the center of Shtip. It was too icy to hike up to this time, but I’m looking forward to visiting it in the Spring.
The insides of our windows in the morning. It may be cold, but at least it’s pretty!






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