We Climbed a Mountain!

The weather has been unseasonably warm lately, and so the air in our valley has finally seemed to clear a bit. The houses here are primarily heated with wood-burning stoves, and on cold days it’s pretty smoky outside. We decided to take advantage of the nice sunny day and go for an all-day hike. We didn’t really set out intending to climb to the top of a mountain (which happens to be the highest mountain in our valley), but the closer we got to the top, the more we wanted to keep going. Our only company along the way was a really nice shepherd with three enormous, but thankfully friendly, sheepdogs. The view from the top was amazing, even though my old lady knees were screaming at me for being so adventurous the whole way down.

As I’ve mentioned before, our town used to be much larger back in its factory days. The railway station at Ovche Pole is abandoned now, although the occasional train still passes through. We stopped by at the end of our hike so I could take some pictures as the sun was setting.

The reason we knew where we wanted to go hiking this weekend was that Kyle got to go to the area last week to visit a bee farm for work. He took some pretty awesome pictures, and the beekeepers said we can come back in the Spring to help collet the honey!

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