About Us


After finishing their graduate degrees, Laura and Kyle decided office life in DC just wouldn’t suit them.  They moved to Thailand!  And started this blog to keep track of their adventures in teaching, volunteering, eating street food, and playing with elephants.

About eight months into our new life abroad, something amazing happened… Kyle got a job!  Like a real, grown-up, in his field with benefits job.  So, long before we had originally planned and not wanting to spit in the face of the employment gods, we packed our bags and made a hectic move back to DC and settled into an apartment in the very same building we’d moved out of a year earlier.  Even though we’re back home, there’s so much we haven’t seen and done around here!  So this time around, instead of moving halfway around the world seeking adventure, we’re going to see what our own backyard has to offer.

And it’s going to be awesome.

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