The mess that swallowed everything

If my life was a bad SyFy original movie, it would be about the mess monster that has swallowed my surroundings.  We are at that point of packing where it feels like for every thing that gets assigned a place in the suitcase, 10 more pop out that I have no idea what to do with.  Every surface is covered with things that I didn’t know we had.  Our dresser is covered in liquor bottles (not in an alcoholic way, but in the post-wedding/holiday/new year’s way where we wound up with lots of leftovers).  Small toiletries litter the floor.  I am trying not to panic (complicated by the fact that my arms are too sore to pick anything up after my two final vaccines today).  My only consolation is that in just a few days, we’ll be out of here and I’ll get to unpack in a wonderfully clean and empty new home.

One thought on “The mess that swallowed everything

  1. 2 more days. I’m so excited for (jealous of) you guys. All of my conversations these days seems to revolve around what I am doing to make sure that I will see you guys again soon. Don’t worry about what you can’t pack. Just remember that everything that doesn’t make it in the bag can be replaced for 1/4 the cost once you get there. Except bras. For the love of God please don’t forget to pack bras.


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