Songkran 2013!

There’s never been a time I’ve been happier to have a GoPro than at Songkran, the Thai New Year celebration where everyone all over the country goes full force into a three day long water fight.

In Chiang Mai, where the biggest party is held, this means heading to the moat around the old city, and throwing water of questionable healthiness at anyone who happens to pass within range. Thais and tourists alike crowd into the backs of tuk tuks and pick-up trucks to make the journey around the moat in horrific traffic, with garbage cans filled with water for endless ammunition.

Our weapons of choice: squirt guns and a bucket, the latter proving to be our favorite. My gun was jammed with grass clippings early on after an ill-advised refill from the moat, so we traded off the remaining gun and bucket for most of the time.

The festival continues today, but we’re sunburned and ready for a day of rest. We’ll still probably get soaked when we venture out for lunch and dinner, but when the whole city is having so much fun it’s hard to be a grump about it.

Sawadee Pii Mai!


Video song credit: Tron Legacy (End Titles)

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