On getting lost

We’ve been feeling a little cabin feverish lately, since the heat keeps us indoors more than we’d like.  So even though it was close to 100 degrees today, we headed out to the lake to go hiking.  We had heard and read about a trail that leads to a waterfall in the mountains above the lake, and thought we could find it on our own.


We never did find the waterfall, but we had fun getting lost and following the small, unmarked trails that lead around the hillside.  It’s pretty hard to truly get lost, since you can head downhill from anywhere in the area and eventually hit the lake, but we were the only people out on the trail and the noise of everyone trying to cool off in the water just faded away.  Maybe once it cools down we’ll take a stab at finding the waterfall again, but even if we never do it was nice to take a day and enjoy the nature around us.

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