Catching Up

Man, life has really gotten away from me in the last six months. I had such big plans! This was going to be the year of All Figured Out, “settling down”, feeling like a real adult. And in March I really did think it was all going to go that way. But as I sit writing this, thinking about the last few months… that’s not quite the way things have turned out.

First off, while I hadn’t been doing the things I wanted to do, I had been BUSY. When I was working with Close Up, I was putting in about 80 hours a week between actually being at work, commuting, and preping for my next week with students. To tell you the truth, it was exhausting. And terrible for my mental health, and not that great for my marriage or friendships either. I didn’t dislike my job necessarily, but feeling perpetually overworked and (severely) underpaid will take its toll. At the end of June though, as my contract was going to expire, everything seemed to be looking up. I had a whole bunch of job interviews that sounded promising, only to receive the “we think you’re fantastic, but we hired someone else” email from every single one. I think I’m 0/9 for job interviews at the moment, but who’s counting? The positive thing to have come out of being unemployed this time around is that I actually qualify for unemployment, so it hasn’t been as financially painful as our previous bouts of not working.

But now that it’s been almost two months, I am BORED. And tired. And ready to get back in control of my own destiny. So the blog seemed like a good place to start. For the last few weeks I would open it up, stare at it, feel like I had nothing interesting to stay/be embarrassed by my unemployment/feel like a failure in the face of the cool stuff everyone else seems to be doing, and close it. Which isn’t productive, and I know that in my head, but sometimes it’s hard to get out of your own way and start making changes.

This isn’t all to say that I’ve done nothing with my time in the last two months. I got to spend a week in the mountains of Utah with Kyle and my parents, who I hadn’t seen in a year. I’ve gotten to catch up with friends, and make some new ones. I’ve been organizing and going to community service events with Rotaract. And of course, applying to approximately a zillion jobs and fighting the endless bureaucracy that is Unemployment Services. But now it’s time for some creative rejuvenation. I’ve had a couple of projects in mind that I think I’m going to get started on tomorrow, one involving photography that I’m really excited about. But for now I’m headed out to play bingo with some retired veterans, before we head into Kyle’s birthday weekend! So I’ll leave it to some pictures of the last few weeks to tell the whole story.

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