It’s spring again! It’s finally here! Every winter, I feel like I forget what it’s like to be warm. It honestly feels like it’s going to be winter forever, and as a person who hates winter and everything to do with coldness, it is a depressing time of year. And then, in what feels like an overnight change of heart, just when I can’t bear it for one more day, the world warms up 30 degrees and all of the trees burst into flowers and I fall in love with DC all over again.

This year, it seems like days are just flying by in a blur. It’s already mid-April! Before I know it, I’ll be off on this wonderful epic adventure and will for the first time be able to put all of my concerns about money and my future and my career aside, knowing that Peace Corps and a huge step forward in my life are right ahead. I am a chronic worrier¬†meticulous planner, so this is huge.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the things I want to do before we leave, and it turns out there’s still quite a few things I’ve never gotten to over the years. Cherry blossom season is my favorite time of the year, allergies aside, and we went for a nice long bike ride around Haines Point before picnicking with some friends on the mall. Yesterday Kyle and I went up to the National Arboretum and walked through some amazingly beautiful spots (honestly, it feels like you’re a million miles away from the city somehow) and then went to Atlas brewery, where we got a couple of pints and rested after our hike. I also booked us a campsite in Shenandoah National Park for June, so I’ll finally be able to see Skyline Drive. Mount Vernon is still high up on my list too, so I’ll need to figure out when to squeeze that in.

Pictures from my birthday (Kyle surprised me with a photography class on H St. and lunch at Sticky Rice, and I got Girl Scout cookies. Epic win.), cherry blossoms, and the arboretum.

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