Full Bloom

This week, Macedonia realized I was missing my absolute favorite time of the year in DC – cherry blossoms! Some of my best memories of the city are long bike rides to Hains Point and picnics with friends under the blossoms. We’re having an unusually early spring here, and our yard is full of flowers and smells amazing. I love the names of the flowers in Macedonian; daffodils are нарциси (nartseesi), and snow glories are зумбу (zoombu). Our host mom told me she has a rotation of bulbs and flowers that will bloom all through the spring, so I’m kind of excited to see what else the season has in store. The plum and cherry trees are also in full bloom, and I’m hoping they don’t get hit by a late frost, which isn’t unusual in March here.

The unfortunate side of all of this warmth and sunshine and happiness is that all of the (huge and disgusting and freakish looking) bugs are crawling out of their winter hideaways and coming to visit us in our room. This morning when I was opening the window to let in a nice spring breeze, I saw what I thought was a twig stuck in the window frame – turns out, I apparently squashed a GIANT grasshopper in the window the last time I closed it. I’m not normally too squeamish about insects, but I definitely made Kyle pull that one out of the window and toss its dead crunchy body into the yard. Then after dinner, I looked above our bedroom door and saw the world’s largest centipede. It has since moved and I don’t know where it is and it’s totally creeping me out.




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